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Snapper and Kingfish specialist

We cater to small groups of friends or family targeting New Zealand's most popular and favourite recreational and Sports fish - New Zealand Snapper, New Zealand Kingfish.

You haven’t landed on our website by accident, chances are that you are here because you are looking for a fishing adventure for either yourself, your friends or your family.
– Book a trip with us and you could land that ‘fish-of-a-lifetime!’ –

Snapper and Kingfish Specialist

Snapper Boat record 15kg+ and Kingfish boat record 30kg+

Proven Operator

Safe reliable vessel | Full tuition provided | All equipment supplied
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First Time Fishermen

If you are a novice fisherman or you are looking at your first fishing trip, you can rest assured that safety is our number 1 priority.

Recreational Fishermen

Why not organise a group of friends or family to spend a day out on the water catching a wide and varied range of table fish.

Serious Sports Fishermen

Wanting to land that 'fish-of-a-lifetime'? Give us a call today and we will put you onto some of the best fishing grounds in the Bay of Plenty.

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Customers reviews

Our group of family campers have been holidaying at Tirohanga Beach Motor Camp in Opotiki for many years and going out on a charter with Mike Ruru on Opotiki Fishing Charters is always one of the highlights of our holiday. We always book at least 2 charters and these never fail to provide a plentiful catch of beautiful, fresh fish for our whole group for the length of our stay. Spots on the charters are always popular with adults and kids alike and whoever has been out with Mike has always returned with a big catch and a big smile. Mike knows his stuff, he always finds a great spot, always considers the weather conditions and always ensures that our safety and comfort are paramount. We have never been disappointed in the service that Mike has provided in the 10 plus years that we have been out fishing with him. Can’t wait for the next one.
Kevin Dowd
I have fished with Mike Ruru on a regular basis for 20 years. Mike runs an operation that is very safe and efficient – his very productive fishing grounds only require a short boat ride to reach, which means more time fishing. If you want to experience some of the best snapper fishing in NZ, then give Mike a call.
James Bell
Been fishing with Mike now for some years, always safe and reliable for a good productive catch. I have had plenty of outstanding days fishing. Highly recommended without hesitation, great day guaranteed.
Shane McLean

Some of our target species

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Sports day

This is an 8+ hour trip. This full day Sports Fishing Trip, and is suited for 1-2, very keen and serious Sports Fisherman.
On this trip, you will be targeting that ‘fish-of-a-lifetime!’. Less anglers onboard means that the ‘Big One’ is going to be yours!

Target Species:  New Zealand Snapper  (Pagus Auratus)
Target Size:  20lb+  (boat record – 15kg+)

Target Species:  Yellow Tail Kingfish  (Soriola Lalandi)
Target Size:  20kg+  (boat record 30kg+)

The following species are also possible but are season dependent…

Target Species:  Marlin  (Stripped, Blue, Black)
Target Species:  Tuna  (Yellow-fin, Blue-fin, Albacore, Skip-jack)
Target Species:  Shark  (Blue, Mako, Bronze)

Techniques Used: Live Bait  |  Soft Bait  |  Jigging  |  Trolling  |  Big Baits  |  Lures

COST: NZD$1150.00  * additional hours extra

Snapper Family Fun Day

This is a 4 hour trip and is ideal for those new to fishing or for family groups, those with young children. It is also perfect for those with time or budget constraints.

During this trip you will learn bottom fishing techniques, and we will be targeting mainly snapper but a wide range of species is also likely:

  • Kingfish
  • Kahawai
  • Gurnard
  • Tarakihi
  • Trevally
  • Blue Cod
COST: NZD$500.00

Snapper Fun Day Trip

This is a 6 hour trip, and by far our best selling trip. This trip is suited to keen fisho’s wanting to spend a bit more time on the water.

During this trip you will learn bottom fishing techniques, and we will be targeting mainly snapper but a wide range of species is also likely:


  • Kingfish
  • Kahawai
  • Gurnard
  • Tarakihi
  • Trevally
  • Blue Cod
COST: NZD$600.00